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Introducing Our Solution - The Independent Hybrid RIA

We believe the best structure to serve the majority of client investing needs is an advisory platform where we as advisors are held to a standard of care when recommending investments because we must put your interests ahead of our own.  In this arrangement, we are paid the same regardless of what we recommend within an account.  That percentage fee is deducted each quarter is highly visible in the account history online and in statements.  These are just some of the reasons that clients may want to align with an advisory firm serving as a fiduciary.

As good as this structure may sound, not all investment products are eligible to fall underneath the advisory jurisdiction. That would make recommending or servicing certain annuities, 529 college plans, insurance, or similar products very challenging or even prohibited. 

RFG Advisory is a Hybrid RIA, which means they have the advisory platform where we operate the majority of our business where we access multiple custodians like TD Ameritrade, Schwab, and Fidelity.  They also enable us access to a secondary outlet through Private Client Services for common brokerage products.  We believe this gives clients more choice, more service, and keeps their interests front and center.

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