Chandra Hudson, FPQP®

Chandra Hudson

Client Service Representative

Chandra Hudson, our Client Service Representative at Investor’s Resource, is a dedicated professional with a unique skill set. Her diverse background in healthcare and data analytics and her commitment to financial services ensure that our clients benefit from comprehensive and informed financial strategies.

Chandra’s passion for diving deep into financial reports and her knack for navigating complex scenarios equip her to support our advisors in making decisions that align with our clients’ financial aspirations. This dynamic aspect of her role keeps her engaged and enhances the quality of service provided to our clients.

Interacting daily with clients, Chandra excels in understanding their needs and addressing their concerns. Her responsibilities, which range from scheduling meetings to assisting in financial plan development, are all geared toward ensuring a positive and fulfilling client experience. She thrives on the variety of her work and is committed to delivering exceptional service that contributes to the success of our clients.

Before joining the financial sector, Chandra made significant contributions to healthcare as a nurse and later honed her analytical skills in the tech industry. This rich experience allows her to bring a unique perspective to financial planning, translating complex data into comprehensible narratives that drive strategic decision-making for our clients.

Away from the office, Chandra enjoys spending time with her family, exploring new places, and indulging in art. Her personal interests reveal a dynamic personality and a commitment to continuous learning, attributes that undoubtedly enhance her ability to serve our clients effectively.

Get to Know Chandra:

  • Bucket List Vacation: To travel to a location with an active volcano
  • Words to Live By:   “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours”
  • Happy Place: New Orleans
  • Favorite TV show: The Great British Bake Off