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A single plan for your entire portfolio

Are You Retirement Ready? Whether you are already there or evaluating the possibilities, having a single plan for all your accounts is a big contributor to long term success – whether all your assets are in your 401K or your have a complex portfolio accumulated over the years. Investor's Resource can help you with day-to-day management of your investments and give you a consolidated view of all your assets.

Read about all the options you now have with the latest innovations in technology or click on the videos for an overview.

Monitor, manage, or advise?  Our plans give you information and choice as to how you’d like to work with us.

Through our client portal, you can view the status of all your investment accounts we manage.  Then you can add on additional services to meet your needs so every part of your portfolio and plan can be handled in a manner that is comfortable for you.

1. Fetch:  Your online hub for all your finances.

All clients of our firm have access to a desktop interface and a mobile app to see all of your accounts in a centralized location that can be accessed whenever you (or your beneficiaries) need it.  We call it a Financial Life Hub because you can easily navigate the system, customize it, connect your financial plan to it, and house a ton of financial information all in a single place.  Clients have a newsfeed, personalized video messaging, document storage, and even the ability to set up customized reports and viewing options.  Fetch gives our clients both meaningful insight and confidence by having their questions answered in only a few steps using their computer or phone.

2. Connect:  Investment management for your employer retirement plan.

This service enables our advisors to actively monitor, manage, and trade your 401K or similar retirement plan.  The Connect system links to your 401K and relays information about your fund choices, changes, performance, and costs on a daily basis.  The system integrates with Fetch and all of your other accounts so values and performance are updated daily.  Each quarter, or as the situation dictates, we make changes in your 401K given your goals, strategy of other accounts with us, and market conditions.  You get a full report of all changes emailed to you along with a rationale as to why we did what we did.  This service can be a big benefit to individuals who have assets they are self-managing and don’t really feel comfortable doing so. 

3. Retirement Counseling:  Investment planning with a retirement focus.

This service enables you to work with us on a more limited basis at a lower entry-level cost for various financial topics related to retirement, insurance, and company benefits.  This financial planning and consulting service is centered around establishing goals, allocation advice for your investments, and a having a live person as a sounding board for individual retirement financial questions.

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