Request a Portfolio Stress Test

  1. Step one Step one is a simple five-question Risk Assessment survey that pinpoints your comfort level with loss. It's easy and gives you a quick confirmation whether you are investing in the right direction while markets are favorable or volatile.
  2. Step two Step two is providing your actual portfolio details. We then can review it in the context of millions of economic indicators known to directly impact investment values.

Your Personalized Assessment

Investor’s Resource uses your input with the latest cutting edge technology to analyze what-if scenarios that can predict the performance of your investments in “perfect storm” conditions. Our expert financial advisors then can help you adjust your portfolio to reflect your personal goals—and your aversion to risk.

Start with the Questionnaire

The Portfolio Stress Test is a free tool, and there is no obligation if you choose to use it. After you complete the short questionnaire, Investor’s Resource will email you to request portfolio details needed to see how well the risk level of your portfolio matches your acceptable level of risk.

Why Stress Test Your Portfolio?





The Investor’s Resource team is here for you. Let us help you secure your financial future.

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