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Stress Test Your Portfolio Before Life Does

Stress Test Your Portfolio Before Life Does

Stock market corrections are triggered by numerous economic conditions. But specific factors – like pandemics, oil prices, and even terrorist events- can have a big impact. These can now be a part of the forecasting your advisor can use to help you invest wisely.

Want to know the vulnerabilities in your portfolio before a threat occurs?

If you knew your personal tolerance for risk and learned that a normally strong stock could lose 15% of its value if a volatile commodity drops 50%, it might affect the amount of stock you choose to hold.  Forecasting for these type of vulnerabilities can now be a part of the toolset your advisor can use to help you invest wisely.   Investor’s Resource is providing that level of insight for informed investing. 

Request a Portfolio Stress Test

Step one

Step one is a simple five-question Risk Assessment survey that pinpoints your comfort level with loss. It's easy and gives you a quick confirmation whether you are investing according to your expectations while markets are favorable or volatile.

Step two

Step two is providing your actual portfolio details. We then can review it in the context of millions of economic indicators known to directly impact investment values.

Your Personalized Assessment

Investor’s Resource uses your input with the latest cutting edge technology to analyze what-if scenarios that can predict the performance of your investments in “perfect storm” conditions. Our financial advisors then can help you adjust your portfolio to reflect your personal goals—and your aversion to risk.

The Portfolio Stress Test is a free tool, and there is no obligation if you choose to use it. After you complete the short questionnaire, Investor’s Resource will email you to request portfolio details needed to see how well the risk level of your portfolio matches your acceptable level of risk.

Why Stress Test Your Portfolio?

Anticipate financial events

Make smarter investments

Gauge disastrous impacts

Measure portfolio returns

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