StrongHer Money Luncheon

April 5, 2022
11 AM
Cotton Row


We will be starting at 11 AM – and running until likely 1 PM. We have rented out the whole restaurant and put a 2 PM end time on our invitations just in case we got into a rousing discussion. Ladies can do that sometimes! And, we realize some of you work, so if you need to jet out early, we respect that and can accommodate as well. Our program is more of a Q&A format so we can better adapt to your top financial questions and concerns. Oftentimes women aren’t the ones who handle investing for the family, yet more increasingly, it’s the ladies who end up making a lot of financial decisions in the end simply because we live longer. So whether you consider yourself a novice or an expert, our team wanted to intentionally set aside time to address your concerns and cover some investing and planning basics.

This is a super opportunity to learn more yourself and bring someone else you know who may have questions or may be facing a changing financial situation. We are knowledgeable in job change, upcoming retirement, and situations like death and divorce – so likely these topics will come up in our discussion.

Call us for details at 256-772-4646.